March 11, 2010

etsy picks of the week

so some exciting news on the home front - we're getting a new kitchen!!
...we're still looking for a new home so even with a planned future sale of our existing home, a new kitchen is still a good thing right?!!
we're still in early stages getting quotes but i do know its going to be a
basic kitchen
and its going to be light
(and bright)
a happy new kitchen!!

my picks this week

an uplifting print - can just imagine this framed in pale wood - a lovely morning greeting!
you are my sunshine screen print
by jessgonacha
vintage china sugar bowl by AliceslookingGlass


Concord Dairy Replica Porcelain Milk Bottles
by alyssaettinger

*kitchen image from apartment therapy*


  1. Years ago, our wildly wealthy clients, began installing Ikea cabinets, and topped them with their own favored lime stone.

    The cost of their super chef, air conditioned kitchens went from a $100K, down to $30K...including their preferred Wolf and Viking appliances.

    Key: Hire Ikea cabinet installers!

    Try it, you may like it. ;P

  2. I agree. I live in an IKEA disadvantaged area, but friends of ours found it chepaer to drive to Syd buy the kitchen at IKEA and get it put otgether by tradies up here. it looks amazing!

  3. A new kitchen - how fabulous!!
    I too have had friends do the IKEA kitchen thing and they were over-the-moon with the results, and the money they saved.
    I'm really digging those ceramic milk bottles, aren't they divine?!

  4. I am loving yellow at the moment, perhaps some objection to winter? That print is divine!

  5. Lovely pick. I love white and clean.

  6. A new kitchen - fantastic!

    Love your picks, the vintage sugar bowl and replica milk bottles are my faves. :)

  7. oh lovely. love the print and the porcelain milk bottles!

  8. How lucky to get a new kitchen! Have fun picking everything out.

  9. Anonymous11:28 AM

    How exciting! I am sure you will love your new kitchen ;)

    Thanks for sharing my little sugar bowl here!

  10. I think that kitchen will be full of love and light. It sounds like it's going to be amazing! I think the print is very appropriate. The little sugar bowl is sweet (and the shop name is so awesome!). And I especially love the porcelain milk bottles. I would love a few of them. xx

  11. I love kitchens, can't wait to see yours!

  12. Any and all of those picks would make a kitchen light and happy. :)

  13. Lovely picks, I love that sugar bowl.
    So sweet!

  14. What a dream, just love them all!


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