April 17, 2010

The beauty of doing nothing....
that was what the last five days were like for me - i do love a getaway...a getaway with no set plans, just idle days, long meals...walking, browsing, reading ...the boys swam daily, played with their cousins and took in lots of fresh air!
i did plan to crochet more than i did but the weather was just too good and in the evenings after the kids were in bed we all sat around and played rummy...
back home to a dusty house
and a huge bag of laundry!
i spent the morning washing then off to two soccer games (one son's team won, the others lost), took my car in for a pinkslip, grabbed a coffee while i waited, then it was off to get my gray hair-roots dyed, came home starving, made a peanut butter sandwich,
more laundry washing,
made some chicken stock (from scratch) for soup, we had an early dinner - soup, baked fish and a salad, cleaned up then it was off to the supermarket at 7.30pm (very busy!),
ironed for 2hrs and here I am....
its time for bed!
tommorow wont be any easier as its our niece's kitchen tea/bridal shower so its up early as I need to make some savouries and sweets to take along...should be a great day though! im getting excited for her!
Happy Sunday to you too.......
Top image: Corrie Bond
Bottom image:
Helen Kouzeleas


  1. Glad you had a great holiday. Sorry about the coming home part:)

  2. I love lazy days. The first picture is so relaxed.

    Its nice u had a great time.
    I wish i cud be lazy more. Id like a 'lazy' life.:)

  3. You're like superwoman to fit all that in one day!... You holiday sounded just perfect

  4. Jeez, I wish I had your energy! I always have good intentions when I get up on the weekend, but never end up doing much at all!

  5. Oh I'm glad you had a wonderful getaway. The ones with no plans are sometimes the best ones. You pack so much into your days. It's amazing!

  6. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Don't you love holidays ... gives you back your zest for life :) I find I do too much of nothing lately, I think I'm making up for 15yrs of working long hours & never seeing daylight :D

  7. Love the top pic. :) I've had a couple of lazy days lately, but have been too restless to enjoy them, and spend the whole time trying to fill them up with stuff to do. Urgh.


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