April 7, 2010

Etsy Picks of the Week: The Babysitter
so we're in the middle of school holidays and my kids are bored already...
i try so hard to limit TV time and their playing Nintendo DS games as
i must admit that can easily become our babysitter for a few hours each day...

here are some nifty items for
kids to pass the time

Reclaimed Wood Toy Blocks (100 piece) by

for older children what about a
MiniBirdHouse kit (how cute is that??)
by Creakit

and for some scary colouring Monsters behaving badly colouring book by Benconservato - this one's super fun!

* Top image from Marie Claire Australia *


  1. Happily, I'm past that point. No more entertaining. :) Love the top photo.

  2. Cool toys, I love the block. Got any ideas for teenagers who want to sleep through spring break?:)

  3. My daughter loves to read and color! I know what you mean on limiting TV! Good for you! Sometimes I get sick of entertaining!
    Lila Ferraro
    Queen Bedroom Sets

  4. Hehe, so cute! I love the birdhouse kit :)

  5. Those are great entertaining items. They're different yet look educational.
    I'm trying to get my nephews more creative and hooked on stationery too :)

  6. good luck with the holidays, we are into the first week of them...blocks, card games and sand play has been keeping them busy for now. Getting out and about is a priority - even catching the frisbee at the local oval has provided a little outdoor action.

  7. great ideas to keep those kiddies from the the TV and video games, thanks for including me!

  8. This is a good idea. The kids are not just playing but at the same time learning.


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