May 23, 2010

At my House....
its amazing how much you get done when you dont switch that computer on.
are we all addicted to the internet (big guilty nod from me....)
its been cold and wet so ive been indoors all weekend, hubby was complaining we didnt do anything and what a waste of a weekend
but sometimes I love a chance to chill and do 'nothing' if you call crafting, crocheting...drinking lots of tea & coffee, get the idea, right?

oh and I unravelled the crochet cushion and instead started making a scarf...almost done now!

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  1. Thanks for joining in again. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Of course it's nice to have a balance - some quiet and some weekends of doing lots of jobs. Some things you need to do and some things you want to do. Ahhh, if only weekends were longer! Lou.

  2. Totally love your cutouts! :)

  3. We had a similar weekend & both just agreed how lovely it was. Except we still were on the internet too:)

  4. Don't let on to hubby. Just nod and say it's all terrible and just keep going ;)

  5. Oh, I'm an addict too- I probably should switch off the modem right now. But...;)

    Sounds like a lovely fruitful weekend!

  6. Cute scarf!

    Sounds like a lovely weekend!(We had lots of sun here;P)

    The computer/internet thing can be a plague. I wondered the last days, if i need a computer holiday, one week somewhere else, no work, no computer. I think its easier when u are somewhere else, more new things to look at. The internet can be so useful and fun, but sometimes i hate it, it feels like not a real life.

  7. Thank you VERY much now I have a hot chocolate craving. Hmph!
    Ps My "word verification" is "arsete". Hehe...

    As in "Nah, too tired. Can't be arsete."


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