May 4, 2010

Rustic Florals

Ive spent the day decluttering
our spare room - its full of stuff!
ive got a huge pile of books and magazines that need to be listed on Ebay...
this has taken all day because I sat and flicked through them first didnt I??

one of the books is
Cath Kidston's 'In Print' she's such a clever gal that Cath,
when it comes to floral prints - just beautiful!
I'll be sad to see the book go but I need to clear room as I had a bit of a shopping spree (Oops!)
over at Amazon...well the dollar is strong and all, and its been a while...(whats a girl going to do!??)

*Top image from Google Images - so pretty!!
* Next two images by Pia Tryde for Cath Kidston
*Bottom image from Cabbages & Roses book*


  1. im absolutely agree with you!
    I need to say good bye to a lot of stuff, and your ebay idea is fantastic.
    I wissh you a very successful sale :)
    (i will to talk about you to my friend mariella, she is a Cath kidston's fan :)

  2. hi, Mariella:) I'm a fan of CK, and I want it to have books in addition to their products ....

    let me know when you post on ebay?


  3. Hehe I wish I could go on a spree on Amazon because the dollar is so good. But at least you are listing them on Ebay and letting others have your lovelies.
    It looks like a lovely book.

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  5. Lovely flower prints!

    I love a good declutter, but it takes ages having a proper look at all the things.

  6. Love the top image, her eyes!


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