June 14, 2010

Much Love Mondays
currently loving
*vintage hankies - found a few at the local Salvation army...so pretty (clean of course) i hope to incorporate them into my papercraft somehow...
*FIFA WorldCup Fever - exciting!! although the Socceroos lost this morning...Ughh!
* warm Rice pudding - its cold so Im craving comfort desserts (naughty)
* Oxford heels - found a cheap gray pair at Barkin, perfect for Winter!
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  1. Very pretty hankies. I love rice pudding and any heels at the moment would be nicer than the ugly orthopaedic boot:(

  2. Had to giggle at the 'clean ones' when discussing hankies!! So many people don't quite get the repurposed vintage use & say "oh, that's dead people's stuff". Love Posie

  3. That's a pretty photo. The colours are soft and I love that heart.

    Pretty hankies sound lovely. And they would look great in any of your artwork.

    Boo to Socceroos :( I'm so bummed with the game.

    I'm always craving sweets too! x

  4. I love vintage hankies, vintage tea towels, too!

  5. Anonymous9:59 PM

    What a lovely blog you have! Super cute!


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