July 1, 2010

A Stitch in TIME

When I first started blogging i joined in lots of swaps, it was a good way for me to get to meet other crafters and bloggers and a chance to create and in return receive some happy mail!
I spotted Beth's Stitched Postcard swap over on Cath's blog
i knew I had to join in...it was simple, create a Postcard with 'Time' theme, that includes some stitching.

I found an old vintage page in my pile of papers...'The Tea Shop'
and instantly thought of making time in the day for some Tea so went with that....i also added some Ipswich bus tickets and an Australian stamp and I cut out a floral paper teacup and added random hand stitching and machine stitching! ...wonky but cute!
Its on its way to Lori in the USA - hope she likes it!

if anyone knows of any good swaps going on, do let me know....


  1. Oooh Anastasia, that is so sweet! You really are so creative. :) I think that I will have to be like you and join in more bloggy swaps and so on.

  2. I have never heard of swaps....what are they exactly? That is so beautiful, I love it!


  3. wowza!! amazing!! it seems like people don't do those swaps anymore! i never signed up b/c i am horrible at getting things to the post office!

  4. what an adorable post card! I need some tea time tomorrow, I didn't get any at all today, how sad :(

  5. Anonymous1:28 PM

    pleasure to find such a good artical! please keep update!!.................................................................

  6. Hi A, What a great idea to swap and love your postcard...
    I have just sent you a Sunshine Award...pop over to my blog to check it out. Cheers

  7. sounds wonderful to do swaps! love the cards in the images too. they're very sweet :)

  8. That card is stunning.
    X K

  9. Hi Anastasia

    Your card is beautiful, and I particularly love it as it is always time for tea in my house :-)

    I am sure it made Lori's day

    Thanks so much for joining in. Glad you had fun!


  10. I love the stitch work on these :)!
    Got some lovely images on your blog :)


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