September 27, 2010

7 things
The lovely Jessica of gorgeous blog Oscar and Ruby has tagged me to list seven things about are some very random things!

* I like to do my housework listening to tacky (but great!!) music like The Carpenters greatest hits, Tina Arena songs of love and lost, Soft rock from the 70's.....

* This Friday im going to meet style queens Trinny and Susannah!!!!
Im at stage 2 of a makeover competition! Gahhh!!
im super excited...a few people have said i dont need a makeover which is highly flattering ( thank you lovies ) but everyone loves a good makeover right?!
Wish me luck, I shall keep you posted.

* id love to learn how to play the piano...its never too late to learn something new is it? i already know how to read music thanks to highschool music class, i played the flute back then but i was not very good!

* On my days off i live in jeans and boring T-shirts which is kind of sad since i adore fashion....(yes! i need a makeover!) im sure the mums at the school think i have no other clothes heehee

* The last movie i watched was 'Down with Love' which was on TV last night - silly fun...last month I saw 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' twice in one week - i love it SO much, i could easily watch it again tommorow if i felt like it!!

* Indulgence for me would be a thick slice of Baked Cheesecake....yum!! actually i think i enjoy any baked treat...turnovers, tea cakes, fresh bread...

* After cleaning out part of my craft room (its a slow process...) i realised i have SO much stuff!!! Ughhh! so ive placed a ban on myself - no more craft supply purchases - i need to use up what I already have.

Some lovely Spring images found via my Flickr favourites - have i told you how much i adore Flickr?? its an instant source of inspiration for me!

Im going to tag
Melinda at Paperklip
Jess at Epheriell Designs
Deb at Two Cheeky Monkeys
- have a go if you like and
Happy Monday to all of you!!!


  1. hey good luck with the makeover - sounds like it would be heaps of fun. I'm a jeans everyday sort of girl too!

  2. I decided last night I have a girly crush on Trinny, haha!!
    Have a great time - love to hear about the makeover.
    (btw, I looove baked cheesecake too!!)

  3. I love those pictures - great selection! And it's never too late to learn to play the piano! At least I hope it's not , because i desperately want to learn too!! x

  4. You must post about your makeover with Trinny and Susannah!! I would love to see some pics. p.s I checked out the bentwood in your flickr files and I LOVE it - a much nicer chair than mine (but hey I'm not complaining!!) x

  5. Good luck for the makeover :D :D Update us how did it go later~

    I'm still controlling my budget on supplies each month because there are too many things that I want to buy but not sure what to use them for!!


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