September 2, 2010

A Week of Fashion: Remembering Corrine Day

i was sad to hear photographer Corrine Day passed away this past Friday, aged only 45.
So young!

A self trained photographer who was shot to fame after capturing young Kate Moss in a layout that caused an outcry over the model's lean figure and gaunt look -the start of grunge/heroin chic look that was popular in the 1990's.

She was also known to avoid airbrushing and liked the raw and almost gritty look in her images...

* all images from Google images*


  1. Oh my goodness just read your post!!!!
    An absolute legend is lost!
    I can't believe it....remembering her work as a teen growing up in the 90s!

  2. Thank you for letting us know my dear. I'm sad, too....she left so, so young....may she be resting in peace.

    Love and hugs to you...have missed you much! xx

  3. it's so sad... and so unfair. her photography was amazing...


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