October 4, 2010

at my house....
so I joined in with Cathy's Blogtoberfest as I do every year - the deal is to post daily for the month of October, im not off to a good start though as ive already missed out on 2 days posts.
ive been busy organising my new kitchen so do hope she'll forgive me! haha...

geesh its amazing how much 'stuff' we accumulate - i went through everything!
i have 5 boxes ready to donate to charity....plates and platters and mugs.. so many things i even forgot I had!!
I mean, how many champagne glasses does one really need? you'd think we're partying at my house every night!
i sometimes wonder why we are SO wasteful!??
we need to surround ourselves with all this 'stuff' - does it really make our life better, easier, prettier??
we hardly ever use everything, its such a shame!
this is not the life i want!
my new kitchen has the much needed household basics and i feel so much better about it!

now i just want to declutter the whole house! im on a roll here....

i also forgot to post my September giveaway winner - Congrats to Bailybellecreations - yayyy! i will be in touch soon! Thanks to all my lovely followers!!

for more 'At my house' posts head on over to Lou's lovely blog

*images of my new kitchen - i love poking head around the corner just to stare at it...haha...and Ive been drying glassware...very exciting (not!)


  1. Oh i'm doing the clean out too, try to do a decent one every school holidays but this is a 'we might move soon' turn out & i'm swapping the 4 children around into different rooms. Mammoth task. So far 4 garbage bags out of my son's bedroom, um, how?? 2 for rubbish, 1 for charity, 1 for friends. Exciting though, sweet children want to help scrub walls & cart things to the garage, bless them. They're all getting new beds too, it's THAT kind of make over, love Posie

  2. Your new kithchen looks fab. How exciting to have it all finished and just begging to be cooked in. I have exactly the same tea towel hanging from my oven door too!

  3. I often ask the same question do we need all this stuff there is just way too much in my house and in the world at times. Charmaine

  4. Your new kitchen looks fantastic. Must be so nice to have it all finished. I can imagine why you just want to look at it all the time.

    I know the accumulation of stuff is just endless isn't it? Sounds like a very rewarding clean out.

    Thanks for joining in again this week. Lou.

  5. It's amazing how much 'stuff' we can accumulate over time. Most of my glasses came as wedding gifts and like you never get used. Glad you got in there and did a big clean out, I should do that again soon too.

  6. Anonymous10:26 PM

    So glad to hear the new kitchen is being settled into.

    It is so freeing cleaning out excess - like shedding a skin or something!

  7. Ha ha, I'm sure I will forgive you if you miss a post here or there. You've been there since the start.

    I love having a big clean out. It feels so good.

  8. I do love a clean out! The last time we moved I gave everything we didn't use to the op-shop, we still haven't re-filled all the cupboards, it feels nice...

  9. Your kitchen is looking gorgeous. It is a great time to declutter. They say the rule is - if you haven't used it in a year it goes:)

  10. I've just done a massive closet clear-out. Isn't it the most satisfying thing! I've even made a a little cash on eBay! Now I have an empty drawer and I'm deciding what to put in it. Is getting excited at the prospect of having an empty drawer a bit lame? xx

  11. Oh my gosh!!! Your new KITCHEN!!! I saw your benchtops post a little while back and was waiting for an update.

    So great to hear it's finished. More pictures please! ;)

    Glad to hear you're enjoying it, and are well into the clearing and sorting stage. That's always fun once it's done.


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