October 22, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 22 - Pretty Hair
Some inspiration for the upcoming festive season and all the parties
...i cant believe they have Christmas decorations in the shops - Im like Why??? its only October 22nd, people!!
no wonder by the time Christmas does come around all I want to do is curl up in my pyjamas and stay in! haha...
I adore smooth Veronica Lake inspired hair - such beautiful waves dont you think?
I have no idea how to achieve something so glamourous but it sure looks pretty!
Today i went in for a haircut - i cut loads off the ends, i told my hair stylist to just go for it - all the nasty dry bits are gone and it feels great!
from Vogue China and Vogue USA editions


  1. Oh, to be so GLAM!!!

  2. get a 3 pronged curling iron! I hate that there is Christmas stuff everywhere. What happened to Thanksgivng?!

  3. do love getting my haircut! specially when it's getting warmer. could never pull off these looks :)

  4. Geesh, do you think those glam styles would hold in Australia Summer?? Hmmmm, too easy not to bother. Love Posie

  5. So gorgeous and glamorous:) Now why doesn't mine look like that lol.

  6. Gorgeous. So many great photos and categories on your blog. A pleasure to look around. I've bookmarked you so I'll be sure to stop back by again to see what you're up to.

    Have a good weekend,

    Lisa, fellow BYWer

  7. This hair is amazing! And the first photo is especially striking.


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