October 19, 2010

Dear Mrs Kennedy
There are so many books about The Kennedys.
Ive read a few... their love story and life in the White house, at the time they were a breath of fresh air in American politics, all eyes were on this handsome and glamourous family....
but not all was rosy as we all know now. there were scandals, rumours and then sadly the tragic assasination of the young president.
I just found out there is a new book out called 'Dear Mrs Kennedy' - a collection of letters that Jacqueline received after the assasination of her husband in 1963.
Jacqueline and the family received more than a million letters and cards in the months following his death and with this new release it seems like people still have a fascination with this family and unforgettable event...

I like to remember Jacqueline not as the sad grief stricken widow but as the strong devoted mother that she was....

'I will be a wife and Mother first, then First Lady'
Jackie Kennedy


  1. And so glamorous! I'd love to look like that while toweling down my bub on the beach. See you at ABCD next week :)

  2. How beautiful does she look in that second picture. So sophisticated xx

  3. i used to ride my bike by the kennedy mansion as a kid during summers on the cape. it always had this mysterious air about it and I've always loved these pics of Jackie...

  4. I'm Paul De Angelis and I put together and wrote the commentary in DEAR MRS. KENNEDY (after Jay Mulvaney died a few months into the project). It was an emotional and nostalgic project for me, and I'm so glad you've picked it up and mentioned in on your blog.


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