November 2, 2010

At my house: Rose Cordial
Today started off wet and dreary but the sun forced its way out and it turned out to be a lovely day! Yayy!
It was my day off and as I was going through some old papers I found a recipe I scribbled down from Andrew's Aunt many years ago
- Rose Cordial
it looked easy enough so I gave it a go!

Ive always loved this syrupy sweet cordial - its offered everywhere in Cyprus and Greece, even the local cafes will have it on the menu!
Usually served with ice cold water for hot summer days or
with chilled milk to young kids ( or big kids like me!) i think it would be yummy as frozen iceblocks too!
here is the recipe if you'd like to try it

Rose Cordial
500g sugar
3 cups water
1/4 cup rose water
drops of pink food colouring

Boil sugar and water. Add the rose water and food colouring. Simmer on low heat until thick & syrupy (still runny)
Store in a bottle.

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*top image by me
bottom image from .Nevara on Flickr


  1. What a lovely recipe, thankyou for sharing.! x

  2. How sweetly simple! And simply sweet! Thank you, I'm going to try this :)

  3. What beautiful flowers too. Gorgeous colour xx

  4. Thanks for sharing this, I'm feeling very inspired to try this pretty rosey cordial.

  5. I love this! So pretty. Lovely to sip whilst sitting in the garden reading a book. I imagine :)
    Heidi xo

  6. That looks beautiful. Gorgeous photo. Not sure how much I would love rose cordial but I don't mind a little bit of turkish delight and I imagine it is very similar. Enjoy! Lou.

  7. That sounds so yummy and I love that it is pink.

  8. I've never tried something like this. It looks so interesting! I don't think I've ever seen a drink that is quite this color before (with the exception of stomach medicine, tehe).

    Gorgeous photographs, btw.

  9. It looks and sounds so tasty, I'll definitely have to try it! Thanks for the recipe. Both pics are so lovely! ;0)

  10. Lovely sounds tasty.....


  11. That's so girly and sweet. I so want to try it! I adore a few drops of rose water in my tea in the morning....feels more romantic that way! xoxo

  12. Oh I have to make this, yum! Thanks Anastasia, have a lovely weekend xx


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