November 16, 2010

Its Coffee Time!

Yes it is!!
ITs amazing how soothing a cup of hot coffee makes you feel after a busy day!
im off to pick up my boys from school so I need an energy boost as the afternoons get a little crazy here...

how do you perk up? Do you drink , eat or do anything special to get some energy?!

Image: Chase and Sanborn Coffee Ad from 1961


  1. Love the picture! It reminds me of a Gil Elvgren painting, but I'm not sure if this is his (do you know?)

    Tea always makes me feel generally healthy, but a nice walk perks me up every time! Unfortunately, as grad school final projects dwell I have less and less time for walks...

  2. I usually drink coffee too, I find a walk is much more energising, but requires energy to actually do. So coffee is the easy option. I should probably do both!

  3. Anonymous12:12 AM

    I go for a walk when I need a pick me up, it works like a charm. : ) I love treating myself to tea and coffee too.

  4. Love the image on this ad. I perk up in the morning with 1 1/2 cups of coffee, with cream and sugar please! ;) In the afternoon, I must take a cup of tea (Irish Breakfast, or Earl Grey) for a little pickup.

  5. Oh yes .. what a wonderful feeling having a cup of coffee after a busy hardworkign day ... kinda puts u in an ahhhh zen feel, well until the caffeine kicks in .. then off to more work, but thankgoodness for the yummy coffee breaks :) Hope we can continue to blog via 'coffee'.

  6. Window shopping keeps me up! Enjoy a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  7. I love reading blogs to keep me creatively going! But yesterday I picked my kids up after school and took them out for a frozen yogurt. I got a vanilla yogurt with chocolate covered coffee beans. It was the best!

  8. Coffee is always a good pick me up. I usually drink milo or tea and have some chocolate for energy. Or I will look at blogs or search for pretty pictures. That always perks me up.

  9. Love that picture!
    I miss coffee SO MUCH. (Pregnant now, so I limit myself to half a cup a day, and only on weekends.)
    I'm drinking decaf tea at the moment...and it is SO not the same thing.


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