November 9, 2010

My eldest boy turns 8 in two weeks time - he's been reminding us about his Birthday from way back in August haha...
I love how kids get excited about their special day, they know what they want to receive, how they'll celebrate, whom they'll doesnt mean I nod my head to everything but it is cute to see the excitement!
This year I decided to have an outdoor family lunch to celebrate his birthday - when the family gets together there's about 23 of us so im praying for clear skies
so we can eat outdoors....less clutter and mess inside!
I also promised Pete that Id take a small group of his friends to the movies and then out for hot Pizza early next month - he's happy with that and
so the planning starts!!

i love love this celebration layout in this month's Australian Gourmet Traveller - its such a FAB magazine!! all about Travel + Food! what could be a better combination, right?

*images from Gourmet Traveller


  1. family gatherings, pizza and a movie? sounds like a pretty cool birthday to me!

  2. lovely of you to put together such lovely celebrations for your Mr 8!

    And yes, who wouldn't love AGT? I really miss my subscription...

  3. That tassel bunting is a compeletly awesome decoration. Sounds like a perfect day x

    ps. I STILL remind people of my birthday 3 months in advance and countdown for at least three weeks. Love it. xx

  4. My son is turning 8 in a few weeks too! Happy Birthday to your boy!!!

    Hope you visit my way!


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