December 22, 2010

slowing down now...
I havnt blogged in days - life has been busy and Im sure its the same in your household?
Im still working with tommorow my last day for the week (yayyy!)
so I'll have 5 days off before I venture back into the office again....cant wait.

ive done some last minute shopping, wrapped presents, wrote all my cards....
my little one turned 6 yesterday too so we celebrated at home, got to keep it special!


i think im going to slow right down...
all the way down...
i dont want to even think about venturing outdoors especially to the shops, its scary crazy out there, non?!
i think I'll spend the rest of the week relaxing and baking - I want to make more mince pies and shortbread, I baked a batch last week but suprisingly there are none left!!

anyway hope you can slow down too and have a beautiful few days leading upto Christmas!

*image from Country Living magazine


  1. Busy time of year isn't it!
    Think we all go about 100 miles an hour these days.

    I'm off work too, enjoying a few quiet days leading up to Christmas...baking too!

    Love the tree!!

  2. Yes, so busy, I've barely looked at the computer for weeks.

    Hope you have a super Merry Christmas!! .xx.

  3. i just made your yummy chocolate almonds to add to the treat plate this weekend...thanks so much for the tip! you are right!! delicious AND easy to mak ;)

    wishing you all the best of the season anastasia...blessings in 2011. xx

  4. You have a lovely blog Anastasia!
    I do some crafty things at times...yes this is the busy time - gifts, celebration, sweets & decotation.....

  5. Merry Christmas! carry on doing a great job in your blog :) x


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