January 21, 2011

By my bed...
Ive read time and time again that your bedroom should be your private sanctuary and i try really hard to keep ours clutter free.
We have a huge bay window in our bedroom that takes up most of the wall - it lets in the most beautiful morning light and an even stronger afternoon light
so when Im home on my days off or on the weekend, its one of my favourite places to relax and read.

A couple of months ago I bought a stunning photograph print from Ivy's gorgeous etsy shop
I promised Ivy that Id show her once I had it framed...
thought id share it here as well.
i adore peonies and this one is a real beauty!!


  1. What a stunning print! Peonies are so pretty and ruffly looking. And I agree with keeping the bedroom as a sanctuary.

  2. hi anastasia! i'm so happy to find your blog! loooove you pics!
    i love peony too! and the pomegranite pillow!

    i just finished an all-pink painting i'd love for you to see. i'll send you a link next time i come by in a few days!

  3. Oh that is gorgeous. I love the print- stunning.


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