March 9, 2011

I just wish i had more time to sit and play with my craft supplies...i mean i have all these ideas swooshing around in my head but my time is always limited and that can be a little frustrating.

Ideas can come at any time so Im always jotting things down in a notebook - saving for a creative day!

On the weekend I tried a little experiment with some old old music sheets - the pages were so thin and a little dark so i punched them with a scallop circle punch
and placed on an old baking tray.

I gave them a good fine spray with household bleach leaving them to dry...hoping to come back to something interesting
but nothing happened
no change at all....a bit of a let down
I'm going to try again.
In the meantime what was meant to be splotched textured musical flowers, got combined with some pretty paper and brads and turned
into sweet Gift toppers.

*Gift Toppers set available in
my shop now*


  1. Those are so cute!

  2. Those are really cute! I think they'd make a great brooch...I'd wear one on a jacket...think they'd look fab!!

  3. I LOVE these gift toppers!

  4. They are beautiful, I'd love to receive a gift with one of these on top!

  5. You are making such pretty items as usual. I love the little crochets bits.

    I have named something after you :)

  6. Am mad about anything made with music sheets and these are especially lovely!!!


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