May 27, 2011

Pretty Hair Friday - one for the curly gals!
as a little girl I remember someone telling me that if I looked in a mirror in the darkness at night Id be able to see what I would look like when I grew up...
even though it freaked me out (i was such a scaredy cat and frightened of the night) I tried it hoping and wishing Id grow up to have long straight hair.

Well that never happened....

somedays i embrace my frizzy curly mess - most days I wear it blowdried smooth and that makes me happy, i guess happy that I dont have to deal with the frizzy curly mess
but a curly girl I am and will always be!

some tips ive learnt over the years....
Curly gals need to shampoo less and moisturise often.
Long long layers to get rid of the pyramid look.
Highlights and lowlights help to reflect light (shine)
Wash, moisturise and then do NOT touch! and if you can air drying is best.

* images
Top by Carter Smith and bottom by Horst Diekgerdes


  1. Ah yes, also having natural curly hair, I've also learned how to somewhat manage it. I only wash my hair once a week - any more and it's a dry poof. Also, while the hair is still wet, I'll twirl some strands around my finger which seems to work out nicely too when it air dries.

  2. It's funny, we always seem to want what we don't have. My sister has HUGE, curly, frizzy thick hair. And I just LOVE it! I find it so beautiful! Every chance I get, I still braid it, or style it somehow, just like I used to when we were little. My cousin has the same hair, and so does my friend. I wish I had that! I want all that volume! My hair, on the other hand, is thin, but very obedient. It has a slight wave, but remains straight when I blow dry it. They are all jealous of MY hair. "You have the most perfect hair!" they tell me. I wish we could swap!

  3. well you would have saved HEAPS on perms... (unlike me - back in the '80's mind you...) and just think you get to look like a beautiful Raphael painting!!! not many women can do that!

  4. Dearest sweet anastasia, cute post! I don't have curly hair but i find this interest! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  5. i'm in the same boat. didn't start to really embrace my curly hair till early this year. it's hard because curly hair is a lot of work. still haven't found the right mix of products to maintain it, but i have good days and bad days. at least we can do lots and lots of things with our hair :)

  6. yayy to see more curly gals around - Curly hair is hard work!!
    and I cant say I agree about looking like a Raphael painting haha...far from it!


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