June 3, 2011

A happy weekend...
to you all!
Hope you can find some time in your days ahead to relax and enjoy the beauty all around!
im waking up super early tommorow as Saturdays are all about the boys and their soccer games so wish us luck, we've been losing lately!
I also have to take Neo for a haircut as he got chewing gum stuck on the back of his
head today (?!!!)...i did such a bad job of removing it that he has a slight baldpatch...hey I did my best!
then its off to get our photos taken so we can renew our passports (yayyy! we're off on an overseas trip soon and just realised our passports expire this month!), my grocery shopping list is ready, Ive got a pile of laundry to do...oh and I must remember to ring my mother as she'll complain that Ive forgotten her...
have fun everyone!

*image by Sue Stubbs for Country Style Australia


  1. Beautiful image! Sounds like you've got a fun-filled weekend ahead! Good luck with soccer. :)

  2. Thanks - we had great soccer games, one son's team won (hoorah) and the other's lost but my son scored the only goal so that was a bonus! its not all about winning anyway hehee...


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