July 4, 2011

Full Circle

My beloved Grandmother Evroulla sadly passed away on Saturday afternoon.
She was 81 and had some health issues but it was a sudden passing that has left us all in shock and in a deep sadness.
More so, because in less than 2 weeks I was to visit her in Cyprus.

I couldnt wait to see my Grandparents at least one more time, to spend a few weeks with them, to enjoy their company, life stories and laughter.
Ive missed them so much the past few years, we called often for a chat and she would always ask 'When are you coming over?'

So on Saturday afternoon she went outside to put some water in a small bird bath she kept in her garden and when walking back inside her kitchen she collapsed in my Grandfathers arms.
a sweet death some might think - sudden, fast - no prolonged illness, or pain that many people have to suffer before they pass but
losing someone you love always hurts so much....so very much.

Our main concern now is with my Grandfather - his loss. She was his everything - friend, wife and companion for over 60years, her sudden passing will be heartbreaking for him.

When giving their condolences, Greeks have a saying 'Zoi Se Mas' (may Life be granted to us) so instead of wallowing in her death Im going to celebrate Life!
her life,
her love for her family - 5 children, 16 grandchildren and 15 Great grandchildren, her heart was always full of love...unconditional love,
her warmth,
her laughter...I feel so blessed to have had her in my life and she will always be remembered.

My mum has many vintage photos in our family albums but I only had this one saved on my computer - My Grandparents with my sister ....by her side (they were always by our side - with love and support and always will be...)


  1. dear Anastasia...I am truly sorry for your loss and the sadness you are feeling. may sharing special memories with loved ones help to lesson the pain of her passing and begin in that celebration of her life. xxxx

  2. So sorry to hear about your Grandmother Anastasia x

  3. i am sorry for your loss. xo

  4. Ohh Anastasia I'm so sorry to hear that. It's such a shame because you are going over so soon. I like the Greek saying celebrating life. She sounds like she was a wonderful and beautiful person. x

  5. Blessings... Julie

  6. so sorry for you loss, sounds like she lived a full and loved filled life.x

  7. Oh AC, I'm so, so sorry! Especially as you were so close to visiting again, it must be so hard. Take care, I'll be thinking of you. xx

  8. 'Zoi Se Mas' and much love too you and your family...

  9. I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing a sliver of her story with us. It was beautiful!

  10. Zoi Se Mas Anastasia. I'm so very very sorry to hear about your Yiayia. Thinking of you and your family.

  11. Thanks so much everyone for your kind words and comfort, they mean so much to me!!
    Im looking forward to reconnecting with my Grandfather in this time of need so counting down the days until our trip....

  12. how sad - i'm very sorry.

  13. I am so sorry to hear this and feel awfully bad about your grandma's sudden passing. I can't imagine what your family and your grandfather must be going through. You will be in my prayers.

  14. Hi Anastasia,
    I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your lovely Grandmother. We lost my favourite Aunty on the 30th June and I found great strength in making a photo album that celebrated her life and giving it to my Mum. Maybe this would be nice for your Grandad?
    Melinda xx

  15. My deepest condolences Anastasia. Sending lots of love too as I know how much sadness you must all be feeling right now.

  16. So sorry Anastasia.

    I think your post is beautiful and I am glad you have
    had the opportunity to experience such unconditional love. That is truly something to mourn the loss of, but also to CELEBRATE it's special place in your life.

    With love,
    Sally x

  17. I'm so sorry Anastasia. I know that you were really close to her.

  18. Maria Menico3:24 AM

    OMG! I remember this picture, we used to have it when we lived in Kyrenia. So sorry for your yiayia, my aunt Evroula. She was a lovely lady. It's nice to see the photo again. kisses


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