July 24, 2011

Well, it's winter in Australia and absolutely freezing cold (at least in the south). Actually, it's meant to be the coldest winter we've had in decades. Now,I know the phrase "Australian winter" might seem like an oxymoron but this year is expected to be the coldest winter that we've had in decades meaning it will be the best one yet!

I say "best one yet" with lots of excitement because I, and my lovely family simply adore winter. We love the snuggling, the layers of blankets and reading in bed. I spend hours (truely) redecorating my house for winter but most of my time is spent in the bedroom...decorating it. I love warm colours, deep reds and pinks, all delicious and enveloping. I love cushions and quilts, so pretty and cosy. I love garlands and lamps, OH the lamps! GAH! So much gorgeousness!

So, here are some of my favourite winter decorating inspiration photos.

click on each image for more information

Now you can get to work creating your own dream space using the polyvore editor below. Just drag the items from below the CREATE space and have fun! Then click on Gallery to see what others are creating!

Get your own Mini Editor from Polyvore

Thank you so much for reading my very first ever guest post. I hope that I did my fabulous blogging friend proud.

Rachel x

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  1. Great inspiration spaces!!
    LOVE the cabinet/bedside table in the top photo...want, want, want!!! :-)


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