September 25, 2011

Creative Inspiration

i love getting inspired by beautiful images - when I saw the facade colours of this adorable flower shop, I knew I wanted to create a card in similar shades....

I didn't manage to capture the brightness and my card is far from folksy but I still like how it turned out...oh and i love her white gloves - when did we stop wearing gloves anyways...

Top image
by Marcel Van Driel
and Greeting card made by me - in my shop now...


  1. What a lovely building, I do like the flowers in the corner and the bright yellow door, charming.

  2. That is a great building. I love those old buildings. They have so much character.

  3. What a charming shop! Makes you want to buy some flowers. Yes, I remember wearing white gloves, not for shopping, but for riding the bus to work.

  4. What a great building, lots of charm... the pop of yellow is great! Old buildings have such character, love them!

  5. I wish there were whimsical shops like that where I live...

    And you're right, why don't people wear gloves anymore? We should make it trendy again.

  6. I love how inspiration can be found in the little things!
    from Blogging Buddies team

  7. i can't believe you made that card - well done! very attractive!

    i like the way your blog is set up to with the words to the right and images to the left!

  8. Wow!! this is wonderful.. love your inspiration image.. nad loved your card..


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