November 2, 2011

I cant believe I haven't blogged since Monday!
its been one of those weeks...
my mind is constantly 'on' with mental lists of thing to do, to complete, to organise
and nothing got done!

my little Neo got chicken pox, I had to stay home to look after him - he drove me crazy!!
He needed rest but I think he thought he was on holiday all over again, like being at home sick was a treat!....I felt like I was repeating the same thing over and over
'No, you cant watch cartoons all day'
'No switching off the TV does not mean you can have your Nintendo DS'
....ughhh how do other Mothers cope?? ha-ha
some days i feel like I have no idea about parenting - I constantly feel like I'm talking and winding myself up for nothing - who is listening?
actually I think I am turning into my own Mother! ....

Neo was sent to bed early last night, I mean the boys normal sleep time is 8.00pm but I could tell he was worn out so after dinner off he went - no complaints and in 10mins he was sound asleep....
Peter played Chess with Andrew and he beat his dad - he's getting really good! (he goes to Chess class every Thursday and loves it) so I got to craft a little whilst watching some decor shows on TV...bliss!


  1. Oh, yes...i am turning into my mother as well. i can see it.

    i am glad you finally got some peace later!


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  3. I am turning into my mum and my dad combined - eeek!

    I'm glad you got some "you" time to craft, because it has given me some great stationery eye-candy. :)


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