December 13, 2011

its starting to feel a lot like Christmas....

....slowly getting there in what seems the be the busiest month ever!
so much going on!
* Im organising Neo's 7th birthday for this weekend (25 kiddies)
* we've also been invited to my nieces 11th Birthday party BBQ this weekend
* my house still needs a good spring clean!! messy!
* my workplace Christmas lunch to celebrate the end of the year so im looking forward to a long lunch...nice!
* I still need to mail out Christmas cards
* all the presents have been bought and wrapped ...yayy! (phew!)
and final thing to do before the big day is to start baking some Christmas goodies...yum!

Just a little shout out to Sally who did a FAB handmade Giftwrap video for Fairfax - check it out here! so fun!

here are some of my wrapped packages - 'Retro Snowman Kid' Gift tags available in my shop now


  1. What pretty gift wrapping! Unique, but still very Christmas-y.

  2. Cute gift wrapping ideas! Love the Dick and Jane style tags.

  3. Lovely gift wrap!

  4. I think we're on top of it all at this end. I started cleaning last night in the hope I'll be able to keep on top of the dust through next week's multiple celebrations - our family is coming and going in waves. The last of the work events is Saturday and just a few stocking fillers to pick up.

  5. Love the gift wrap. I love the card and the blue flower. Amazing work.

    Following from Etsy Build Your blog

  6. GREAT retro vintage gift tag and wrapping!!! This season I have having a blast making creative gift-tags. Thanks for sharing urs!!!

  7. I love your wrapping - so pretty and retro and stylish all at the same time!!

    Thanks too for the shout out about my vid!!
    Merry Christmas!
    Sally xx


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