January 16, 2012

Inspiration Now: a Delicate State...

no I'm not in a delicate state at all, I'm feeling great...a little tired maybe..actually a whole lot tired since I have both boys at home on school holidays - I'm sick of hearing how bored they are haha...i'm sick of hearing my own voice giving suggestions of what they can do...I havnt had much time to blog or create!

I'm looking forward to next week as we're heading to the beach!
We've rented a cute little house for a whole week, its walking distance to the beach, has a great large deck and an amazing view so Im packing a bunch of magazines, a few good books, my sun hat...you get the idea! Cant wait...

Im loving these soft delicate shades of pink....inspiring!!
What colours and tones are you loving lately?

* images
Top - illustration by Clare Owen
Middle - image from Candice Lesage Austen
Bottom - image from Scout & Catalogue


  1. A week at the beach to bring the school holidays home. Those last weeks are such a drag aren't they? Beach will inject a little more fun.

  2. Katie - sure will! i actually would have prefered the 1st week of school away, less people and way cheaper haha...


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