January 4, 2012

That list of New Year Resolutions you made last year can be used again.
Its as good as new....
(oh so true isn't it?? ha-ha)

I don't normally make resolutions
but its always great to start fresh, to start something new and isn't January just the perfect month to make that change??

Its been a slow start for me, I had some time off...lazy days ...which felt just perfect!
I celebrated my birthday on the
1st January and I'm feeling good!!! GREAT in fact and very motivated ....so here goes....

This year I hope to
* Be Creative - keep going strong with my Etsy shop (i acheived my 500th sale just before the year ended! Woohoo), schedule more time in my week to play with my papers, blog often, start drawing again (practise is key!!)

* Be Organized - my crafty space is currently a mess and this dampens my creativity big time, so I need to clear out what I don't need/use and find some order!

* Be Healthy - I haven't exercised in months!! pretty bad I know.
Really, there is just no excuse for it! Our health is our greatest asset so the plan is to move my body at least an hour a day, think about what Im eating plus I plan to make (and drink) a Green Smoothie at least once a day!

* Be Crafty -
I've never done a Craft market before and I've always wanted to so the plan is to join forces with some creative types and have a stall - Should be fun!
* Be Thankful - At the end of the day its important to remember what's really important in life and being thankful for what we have at this present moment is what really matters!

*image by Roland Graf - fresh green plants always make me feel renewed


  1. great resolutions!! wishing you a wonderful year, a!

  2. Happy be-lated birthday Anastasia!!! wishing you the best year ever! Good luck with all of your new year's to- do lists.

    all the best from ME!

  3. Great resolutions. Drop me a line if you need a hand manning your stall when it all gets going. I used to run markets years ago - eons ago it seems - but happy to lend a hand sitting and selling.

  4. those are very sensible resolutions.

    i hope you have a fabulous 2012.

  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

    Katie - im really keen to do a market stall, it was one of my goals last year but didnt get to do one!

  6. Anonymous1:24 AM

    Happy belated birthday and a wonderful 2012! Your list sounds like mine every year. So let's do some of the things this year! I'll keep you posted about the progress!


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