January 29, 2012

the week that was....
not much of a Summer holiday up the coast - it rained and rained some more... but life was so slow and leisurely I wasn't complaining!

We still managed to go for long walks on the beach everyday (great for those leg muscles), we played card games, the boys went hunting for sea creatures among the beach rocks, Andrew and I celebrated 12 years of marriage....lots of great family time and yummy food in a great house with a huge deck and an awesome view- bliss!

Whilst it rained I had many coffee and tea breaks and managed to read some

back home now, we're back at work, boys went back to school
....life is back to normal!


  1. Sounds wonderful AC... Lots of lovely quality family time!

  2. Sounds great... a holiday where you really are forced to slow down. And as long as you still got out and about, it's still a holiday.


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