March 5, 2012

Classic Me
...a few of my favourite things...

*ballet flats ( i do love heels too!)
*silver 'Longines' watch, a gift from my hubby (I will love it forever!)
*cheap silver bangles ( tinkle noise)
*leather and silver bangle from street market
*dark pearl ring (bought in
San Francisco whilst on honeymoon 12yrs ago...)
*Blue sandals - i bought these handmade ones from Cyprus last Summer but with all the rain I havnt worn them much.
*White gold cross - teeny tiny & sweet!

but as Suze Orman says...first people then money
then things....

oh i spotted this free Mini online class by Alicia Burke
check it out!!


  1. Ooooh - I love your watch too (silver is definitely my pref).
    And I'm now off to investigate Finding your Muse - thanks for the link-love.

  2. Svetlana2:51 PM

    All very pretty things Anastasia - and sentimental too. Thanks for the link to the blog, I am going to look at it tonight as it looks really interesting. I wish I had more time to read blog, get into the creative life... sighhh!

    Svetlana :)

  3. Great favorite things! I love ballet flats too!

  4. in LOVE with ballet flats! if it weren't so rainy all the time where I live, I'd wear them every day!

  5. anastasia, love your blogs. you have taken some great photos! really inspirational!!! xx dani.


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