May 15, 2012

Fast Food * Food Fast
Tuesday is my crazy day - its also my day off so I'm in and out most of the day ...catching up on laundry, grocery shopping to stock-up the fridge and pantry, taking time to tidy up the house (sort of...)  the kids have soccer training late afternoon for an hour so homework needs to be sorted before we head off.
Its getting a little torturous as the nights are cold now, hanging out in a chilly oval is not my idea of fun!
at least dinner is sorted...
i need something fast,  so Tuesday dinner is pasta or I cook some legumes...
black-eyed beans are a family favourite!
so easy! so fast!
bring 1 cup of dry beans to the boil, drain and then refill with cold water and boil the beans again until soft...add salt for taste.  Drain and serve hot or cold.

Black beans are so cheap too, I pay $3 for a kilo of dry beans and this lasts ages!
Ways to serve your beans
* with chopped English Spinach - add the spinach to the boiling water until wilted - drain and serve with olive oil + lemon juice and crusty bread.
*heat some oil, add finely chopped Kale, sautee.  Add pine nuts and fresh breadcrumbs - add the beans and sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese.
* Serve as a cold salad - add chopped tomatoes, onion, cucumber and parsley - Summer fav!
* Serve with canned Tuna salad and balsamic dressing - this one looks good!
* Add chopped smokey Chorizo sausage for a warm meal.

and today for lunch, I made a super fast soup - a can of creamed corn, a small can of crab meat, a splash of water - heat in a saucepan and serve with lots of fresh black pepper!! Yum!

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