June 1, 2012

A Girl called Vicky...
I came across Vicky's work a few months ago and absolutely fell in love with her style and beautiful details.
I'm thrilled to feature her work here today!
Vicky creates lovely printed Wedding stationery but also features another range,
The Vintage Drawer, that is extra special with beautifully embroidered and embellished pieces for Weddings, social stationery
and gifts.  Vicky has also just introduced a new product line 'Home with The Vintage Drawer'.

Welcome Vicky!
Can you tell us what is currently inspiring you?
 …the current season, I had forgotten how a little bit of sunshine makes you feel so invigorated. I love watching the plants and shrubs in the garden come to bloom and then make hand picked posies in an assortment of vessels for the house, every room is currently filled with peonies, lilac and lavender. I am like an excitable child when strolling around the local car boot sales for hours. The floral paintings of Vernon Ward is currently a big influence as I am slowly filling my house with his paintings and prints. Gardening and walking is a continual inspiration through all seasons as it allows your imagination to go a wandering.

Name 3 things you couldn’t live without right now? 
My two little girls Ava & Mia, my patient husband who allows his wife to be a free creative and bring ridiculous amounts of junk into the house!!
and days away in our little touring caravan.

Can you define to us your personal style? 
“The Floral Linen Lady who loves to stitch and potter” I am a stationer who makes products purely from recycling fabrics from the 1940’ to around the 1970’s…from little linen booklet invitations to embroidered place names, ideas continually moving forward. My collection 'The Vintage Drawer'  has now developed into homewares, from cushions, brooches for your cushions, scented lavender pillows, domestic goddess dusters, pinnies and soon to introduce a collection of personal drawings and prints.

What is your favourite colour or colour combinations? Teals, Smokey Blues and Greys and a tiny flash of raspberry, mustard yellow or mandarin.

Favourite Smell? Jo Malone’s Jasmine & Mint or smouldering wood with herbs.

What do you love about your City/Town? I love that I live near to the sea (a five minute walk away) and if I drive for 5 minutes I am at the edge of North Yorkshire a very beautiful and inspiring part of England and again its beauty changes so dramatically through the seasons.

Do you have a favourite quote you'd like to share 
with us?
“There are a hundred languages in the world but a smile speaks them all…” Anon

Thanks SO much Vicky!
To see more of Vicky's work please visit her Blog , Facebook  Etsy Shop and Twitter 
for updates and her websites below
Vicky Trainor
The Vintage Drawer
At Home with The Vintage Drawer


  1. gorgeous pieces :)

  2. Dear Anastasia,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and the comment on my Slim Keith post. I have been enjoying your blog and all the unique vintage images and style ideas.


  3. Hi Anastasia,

    First off-in LOVE with your name. I found your blog from the blog hop-yeah! I'm just so glad I did. Look forward to following you! <3


  4. Nice! I'll go visit her shop.

  5. Hy
    What a nice inspiration...
    I like your blog and will visit you more often.


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