August 12, 2012

Blog Girl

One thing that surprises  people is that I'm SO clueless when it comes to family and friends assume that because I have a blog and am active on social media sites,
Im some tech-head expert but sadly that is not the case! ... geesh I just got a smart phone this year and am still trying to figure out apps - is it really making my life easier?
Im still trying to work that out (..oh and remembering to charge and switch it on would help too!)

Recently blogger made some changes and that got me into a frenzy... my relationship with technology is slowly evolving.

Last month i got a brand new blog banner, my friend Suzanne makes lovely paper goods but is also a professional graphic designer so I enlisted her help and she made me a new banner that I totally love!!

But i want to learn more, I really do...I think its important to keep up with technology and I love blogging so much!
This little space -  my space in the big world wide web is one I'm proud of but to be able to tweak and change the look of my blog whenever I feel like it, to be able to take it to the next level and create something that expresses 'me' would be pretty awesome!

Ive been eyeing Jo's  online course 'Your Darling Blog'  design workshop and its one Ive wanted to do for sure!
Ive always admired Jo's blog and design work, I even featured her here 
Jo's course is full of great design tutorials, step by step instructions perfect for me as Im a visual learner, creative lessons and feedback too
 - I think this is just what my blog and I need!!

*image via Maire Claire


  1. you are so funny...i guess i'm laughing, because i'm the same way!! i never update my blogs appearance because i just don't have the time or patience to figure it all out! sounds like this course was made for me. xx

  2. I've also been eyeing off Jo's course. I haven't changed NeverEver's appearance EVER, and now that I have Heiress I want to make it a more polished site. Hmmm. I like the look of your blog though AC!

  3. Your new banner looks great! I really love blogging too. I think I'll go check out that course!

  4. Oh you are so not alone! I have one huge list of what I need to learn and keep up to date with but where's the time? Mel x

  5. Thanks AC. I usually read my blog in your reader, but I come back to look at your banner. ;)


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