August 15, 2012

Cooking For Julia Child

Last week I spotted over on Pip's blog that PBS launched a' cook for Julia 'campaign to celebrate her amazing life and what would have been her 100th birthday.

When Andrew and I visited my friend Melissa in Washington DC three years ago we got to see Julia's original kitchen at the Smithsonian - she was a very tall lady at 6'2 and her husband designed the kitchen and her cabinet size to suit her tall great!

Back to me cooking for Julia.
I decided to cook Julia's Braised Lamb Shanks for my family  - it took ages to cook but once the meat is nice and brown (butter) and the vegies slightly cooked (more butter)  - you can pop it in the oven and not have to think about it until hours later!
the house smelt good...comforting!
Julia's recipe says serve with rissotto but I boiled some brown rice instead.
Bon Appetit!
For more Julia Child recipes head on over here or head to your local library to borrow some of her famous Cookbooks.

*image - Julia Child in her Paris Kitchen before she became a household name


  1. Looks yummy! I love Julia Child!

  2. Oh my goodness didn't realise she was this tall! The braised lamb shanks look delicious Anastasia I'm sure your family enjoyed them.

  3. looks delicious :)

  4. Looks great Anastasia! Being a veggie, French cooking not always the best for me, but I am mid way through reading the book to celebrate and I absolutely loved the film! Great to see the pic of her in the kitchen! :-) Cx

  5. Anastasia,

    You are making me hungryyyy! Ohh, the idea of slow cooking lamb with tons of butter.... (gulp).

    I'm wondering if I could replace the lamb with a different kind of meat (unfortunately my hubby doesn't like lamb!) What do you think? Beef? Or Pork?


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