September 25, 2012

To market
to market…..
One of my goals this year was to have a little stall at a craft market.
when I spotted Ishtar’s wonderful blog post about the ‘Renegade Craft Fair’ in London, over at Décor8 blog, I felt a little sad that I haven’t participated in one yet….
Sally and I have talked it about it as we’d like to share a stall sometime but its almost October and I still don’t feel ready to plan or book one yet.

There are new markets springing up all over the place and with warmer weather coming up outdoor markets get really popular.
A great way to find out about markets or craft fairs that suit your handmade creations is keep your ears open on social sites like Facebook, blogs and twitter for some great local markets near you.
Ask around – some people love to share their experience so find out who had a stall there (search the markets blog or FB page) and ask them what they thought.
I guess the main thing for your stall  is to have plenty of stock and choice – this is my main problem, I find it hard to build up stock as most of my cards and tags are one-off items so I think I need to tackle my range differently – some brain storming needed before I book a market, that’s for sure!

 One thing I do love when visiting markets is a seller with a friendly smile and products displayed in a creative and beautiful way…that draws me near and tempts me for sure!

I think that’s why the
Finders Keepers markets here on the east coast – Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, are so successful, all the items on offer are exquisite and top quality. Made and presented with love!

I’ll definitely be starting off at a much smaller market – baby steps all the way
but in the mean time here are some great links for anyone thinking of trying out a Craft Market 

Everything Etsy – 12 craft Show Tips and Craft Show Displays 
Finders Keepers – Top 10 Market stall tips
Handmadeology – Successful Craft Fair Tips 

There is so much great advice, search around on the Craft blogs and be motivated and inspired!

*images Top – CountYourBlessings blog 
Middle – Ishtar Olivera via Decor8 blog
Bottom – Jillian Leiboff via Finders Keepers blog


  1. I love doing craft shows! If you're looking for even more advice, there are some great Etsy Teams that cover the topic, too. I'm a member of Craft Fairs, It's A Living and I learned a ton. Good luck with your search!

  2. Go for it Anastasia. When I lived in Sydney (about 15 years ago) I sold picture frames at Balmain Market. I've also had a stall at Boutique Market here in Melbourne. Yes planning is important, it's fun and you meet so many people. Spend a day making lots of cards to build up your stock.


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