January 31, 2013

Sales & Shopping

I once read that the best things to buy during a Sale are
*Designer Labels
*Wool Coats
*Leather Belts

This is what I bought during the recent Summer sales
*Shoes (tick) – wedges, flats and light Nike sneakers in lilac (sneakers and I don’t mix but they are cool – promise)
*Books – always books....just bought ‘Granny Chic’ with a birthday gift voucher, it’s lovely!
*Kitchen goodies – cute new bowls, cups and drinking glasses.
*Undergarments - Bras & Undies ( always in a sale!)
* a soft Leather bag this one, it came the other other day, Im happy!

What about you?
Have you bought anything awesome lately? (and on a personal note, there’ll be no more purchases for me until our trip overseas! )

* illustration by me - I haven't drawn anything in such a long long time...a fabulous illustrator that I admire told me that the only way to get better at illustrating is to do it daily....think I need to take his advice!


  1. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Makeup junkie here so i obviously got more makeup hehe :) I did get this super cute black cutout shirt from H&M with a unicorn on the front! Wearing it now with pride! x

  2. ah, gorgeous bag :)

    I got shoes too - a cute pair of wine-coloured flats

  3. Most of what I buy is on sale, so it's more unusual for me to pay full price. The best deal that comes to mind lately was a coffee table I got for $10 online. The lady lived five minutes away, so I didn't have to worry about shipping. Score!

  4. Love the bag, gorgeous colour. Shopping for me isn't the easiest thing to achieve at the moment with the kids, how I long for it! P.S. The illustration is great Anastasia, you should definitely do more of it, very talented!


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