October 20, 2013

Life on Instagram & 10 Questions...

Hello friends!
Hope you are all having a gorgeous weekend...we're relaxing at home this morning...its a beautiful Sunday, so warm and sunny but we still have over 50 active fires raging in our state and my thoughts go out to so many who have lost their homes and belongings this week - its all so sad!
I'm off to prepare some lunch for us soon but thought Id do a quick blog post as my lovely boys are chilling and the house is quiet...
The lovely Ariadne tagged me to do '10 Questions - 10 answers'...its been ages since Ive done one of those blog memes, they are fun and a nice way to get to know bloggers a little better!

1.Which is you favourite blog?
I have so many favourites - the ones on my sidebar here on my blog are ones I need to check often but my bloglovin subscription list is long! If i had to name just one, it would be
'A Beautiful Mess' Elsie and her sister Emma are so inspiring and creative!

2.How many hours do you sit in front of the computer every day? ...haha this made me laugh - yesterday I was at the Farmer's market and a lady was selling kids Tshirts with the front saying 'Get off Facebook and feed me!'   I have moments - especially in the evening, when I'm sleepy and tired and on the computer for more time than what I should be - we all do right?
3.What is your favourite season and why?
I love both Autumn and Spring - the transition seasons as both have that anticipation of whats to come and what we can look forward to...

4.If you didn't have the job you already have what would you like to be/do?
I would be an illustrator  - I found an old school work-book of mine from when i was 14yrs old and inside I wrote the same thing!

5.What do you like doing in your free time?
I work part-time so on my days off i love to ponder around at home - in my kitchen baking or trying a new dinner recipe, I enjoy going out for coffee and I love exploring new cafe's and little shops selling interesting things.   I enjoy going to the flea market but haven't done that in ages - I used to go often but my weekends are so busy with my boys! I also enjoy paper craft and being creative for my little Etsy shop... I read...I day dream and jot down notes in my notebook - I have a few on the go...I blog, I read blogs and feel connected to the world via the Internet!
6.Which is you favourite book?
too many to list but Id say the one I would be reading and enjoying when Im reading it - Im an 'in the moment' kinda girl!  I do love the classics - Pride & Prejudice,  Jane Eyre - I also love cookbooks too!  'To Kill a Mockingbird' was a brilliant read and a stand out!

7.Which is your favourite film?
again - how can I list just one?! I have so many!  A few years back to celebrate my 37th birthday I blogged about  my 37 favourite films - you can see the post here  - Im 42 now so can add many more to my favs!
8.When do you create?
 On my days off and in the late evenings after my boys are asleep - Saturday afternoons are good too!

9.Who is your favourite creator?
 I find so many creative people inspiring  - Leslie from  'A Creative Mint ' hasn't blogged in ages but her older blog posts are still so wonderful to look at and I cant wait for her new book which is a collaboration with Holly of Decor8 

10.What makes you very happy?
My family first and foremost! but life and living life..good food, travel, nature - appreciating and enjoying the beauty in the everyday, the kindness in people!  I feel blessed and lucky so that makes me happy!

For anyone interested in doing this feel free to go for it - let me know or send me the link - I'd love to have a read!!
* images from my Instagram feed


  1. Anastasia thanks for participating! I really enjoyed reading this!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. A lovely read Anastasia!Am just listening to the news now about the forrest fires and people who have lost their homes being interviewed-just awful. So nice to be back here again-must make a note to pop in regularly!Hoping things get under control over there and you have a good week lovely x

  3. A great post.. nice to get to know you. I too love autumn and spring..

  4. Yes the fires are terrible and I heard on the news last night that some were started by children..gasp. Ha! Love the 'Get Off Facebook & Feed Me' t-shirt, now and again my kids enjoy giving me that message! You should have a look at some short courses in Illustration to keep your passion alive Anastasia. I loved "To Kill A Mockingbird" also, my daughter had to read it for school this year so I read it as well and LOVED it, so moving.

  5. Anastasia, it's terrible about the fires - I hope they can be contained soon.
    I spend many hours on the computer since I run two online shops. In my free time I enjoy being out in nature and playing with my cats :)


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