October 28, 2013

Nail it!

I think I'm the only girl who hasn't jumped onto the 'Nail Art' trend...I'm seeing nails everywhere both online and off... I love my polka dots, stripes, prints and patterns -  just not on my nails please.
Am I boring? maybe...time poor?! probably...
when it comes to nails, I'm  just not into experimenting.
I have never tried acrylics, gel tips or shellac -  I'm actually a little afraid of nail salons and the horror stories of hygiene (or lack of...) especially when there are salons popping up everywhere - my tiny suburb has 5 salons and they are always so busy,  I can't even communicate with the nail technician - we just smile and nod...the whole experience freaks me out so my visits are few and far between.
...but  I do love the look of manicured nails.  I look at people's hands all the time.  I take notice.
We use our hands so much, when talking...expressing, holding, touching...
I prefer my own nails shorter and filed neatly,  and I love hand moisturiser ..I'm obsessed with moisturised hands!

How lovely are the nail colours here ..the matte silver metallic is just 'beaming'  - these are not my hands by the way (or legs...) but what a gorgeous shade!  Im inspired!
As for the blue green colour combination..very chic.
I like it - Summer perfect!

*images via Pinterest
Top - Whitemarch 
bottom - Refinery29


  1. I am not into nail art either!So are we both boring?AriadnefromGreece!

  2. I'm not a fan of nail art either Anastasia. I've never had great nails so just keep them short & manicured like you. I love the two tone shade on the second hand model.


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