January 21, 2014

Arranging my Coffee Table

I really enjoyed this article in the latest 'Country Living' magazine - an easy 'step by step' instruction
how to arrange a beautiful coffee table.

Our coffee table needs to be replaced actually (as does our couch!) - we've had the same table for so long and it takes a daily beating from the sunshine since our back room gets a lot of exposure from the light.
Its scratched and dented (lets blame little boys...) and has an impressive split in the middle but its still quite solid and hanging in there!

Anyway back to the article - I played styist today and gave the instructions a go!
4 steps.
1. Start with a Tray - I opted for a serving platter in white.
2. Zero in on the remaining corners - books, magazines and game boxes did the trick for me - I love to be surrounded by books!
3. Just add personality - sure! why not?!
4. Finish off with something organic - I added a bright pink flower cut from a neighbours tree...I  like the punch of colour too!
Give it a go - that was easy and fun and an easy way to make a quick change!


  1. We sold our coffee table, as it was too large! Now we have two little side tables with votives on them :)

  2. Hey Duni - thats a great idea! Im always pushing ours to the side anyway since I like to do my workout in front of the TV/DVD.

  3. thanks Tammy...hey cant wait to see your new home and your home decor!!


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