April 11, 2014

Home Notes on Etsy

We all know the way to turn a house into a home is in the details.
I found some lovely Home Decor items on Etsy tonight - what do you think?
This simple 'face pillow'  adds some quirky fun to a classic room.
My hubby thought it looks a little creepy and that its eyes would follow you around the room.
huh? ...whatever man...

*face throw pillow  by My Little BelleVille
*quartz crystal speciman by NostalgicWarehouse
*In Flight print by Skinny laMinx
*Dark Gray Turkish Bath Towel by BathStyle
*Wood Planter by Cattails Woodwork
* Mitten Print by My Little BelleVille

for any home decor style, you know you'll find something amazing over at Etsy!


  1. I love that wood planter Anastasia, gorgeous find! xx

  2. beautiful collection of finds - must admit that I'm not totally sure about the face pillow though :)

  3. thanks girls - finding things on Etsy is so enjoyable!


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