June 17, 2014

Midi lengh...

The Midi length used to be a fashion no no (hits the thickest part of your calf..)
These days it seems to be the skirt to wear. Claimed to be the mini skirt's Chicer sister, what do you think? do you like it? do you wear it?

I've been wearing midi length for years and only because I don't like the look of my knees ha-ha
simple! but true...
the midi length is my friend!
I'm partly happy its all the rage but I'll keep wearing it even when the trend goes away... and this dear friends is why I don't follow fashion trends anymore.
I  prefer to dress for my body shape.
Id like to think that at 43, I know what suits me, and what my style  is.
It does feel nice to look 'updated' but I don't let fashionable trends rule my wardrobe.

Midi skirt love
(from top)


  1. Anonymous1:29 AM

    You make midi seem so easy! I'm really short, so many dresses naturally fall slightly longer on me, so some dresses that are knee length for my mother and sister fall slightly above my ankles, making them "tea length". I'm glad you've featured this beautiful style! xx

  2. Love the midi Anastasia! I wish they looked as great with flat shoes. Maybe brogues would work with them? Something about the heels elongates that little bit of leg.

  3. Yes, I think the key to this look is showing off the waist, otherwise it can look a little dowdy but the top image with the long lean jumper looks very ‘chic’.
    I think her FAB sandals and long pleats in the skirt helps pull it all together...
    Maybe another reason I don’t mind this look is that I too am short (5ft 3”) so am never bothered to adjust skirt/dress hemlines...they always fall a little longer for me...
    I love tea length dresses too! very 20s style...
    Steph – I love brogues but sadly they look odd on me...lovely to look at especially neutral or metallic leather ones! Nice!

  4. Great style! I live in Florida where it is hot most of the time, so I wear knee length dresses and skirts just to keep cool. And, I don't mind my knees showing! lol

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