June 4, 2014


I think the long awaited cold snap has finally hit Sydney...we’ve been lucky with very mild weather lately, It’s been wonderful to have lots of sunshine but I don’t mind that there will be a change coming through.
 ... as long as it doesn’t rain too much (frizzy hair people!), it’s nice to experience the seasons as they should be.
I say ‘Embrace it!’ ...change is inevitable right and who doesn't love toasty socks, warm drinks and home comforts...

My 11yr old set off for 3-day school camp this morning and I ensured he took warm layers, snacks and deodorant (haha..)
I think I drove him crazy with mother worry (= love).
I’m always so nervous when my kids are away from home which isn’t often, I really miss them and yes, I worry like crazy that they are fed, warm, safe.
It doesn’t matter how busy we are, we always find time to worry...I need to ‘chill’ a little.
He was super excited to go, he felt very grown up, very excited to be with his friends, so I’ll be here waiting...

How delicious does this soup below look? I found it on the 'What Katie Ate' blog  - Chorizo Lentils and Roasted Tomato - Oh yum!  I'm getting hungry thinking about it, I'll have to try it this weekend.
I've been working on some Cards and gift-tags for the Sydney Etsy Team's 
‘Etsy Craft Party 2014’ held this Friday – the theme this year is ‘Recapture’ and we have 4 projects on offer.
I’ve been meaning to take some WIP pics to share with you all but I’ve been getting home late and it’s too dark for photo taking... Its going to be a great night, I’ll take lots of photos!
I’ve also signed up do Sarah Wilson’s , ‘I quit Sugar’ 8week program.
..part of me says ‘Yes, bring it on!! My body and digestion really need this...’ and part of me says ‘WTF are you doing girl..??’
More to come....

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  1. All power to you for choosing to quit sugar, and just before the Etsy Craft Party too - I am bringing 'sweet treats', although one is a cake with no sugar and no fats. I know. I know. Maybe you can nibble on that. See you tomorrow (for real).

  2. Oh very cool Katie – I thought you were going to the other party? Will be great to see you again!
    Yes, yes I’ll have to fill my tum tum before I get there...no sweet treats for me!

  3. We are finally getting winter here in melbourne too - which i love because it is such a cosy season. And it makes it feel that all is right with the world.

    Know what you mean about the school camps - you never know how much you miss your children until they go away, i think.


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