July 15, 2014

Brunch at 'The Grounds'

Hoorah! School holidays are over, my boys went back today and so life gets back to normal for all of us...big smiles here!
The past week was crazy busy, we had Year End Financials to prepare and it was super hectic in the office with our team working way past home time to meet deadlines.
On top of all the work angst, I had that mother-guilt going on, as I felt SO bad that the boys were home and I hardly spent time with them.
Phew! that's all over...   done and dusted (for another year at least) a few more reports need to be prepared but at least I wont be a stress-head this week!

Today I went out for brunch with my sister in law and a cousin who is visiting from Cyprus.
We headed to 'The Grounds of Alexandria' ...I've been there a few times before and know how busy it can get so I did have a plan B in mind just in case...
surprisingly, we got a table straight away although it was jam packed with people (Tuesday at 10.30am? ...do people not work? ha!)

I ordered up big time because I wasn't planning to eat again until late tonight...my breakfast burger was so filling and delicious ...the food is always so tasty.
 'The Grounds' is such a unique place to hang out - a coffee roaster, cafe and kitchen garden - I love it there...oh yeah the coffee is really good too so that's an added bonus - tops!!

I took some pics with my mobile phone so they're a little hazy but those pastries looked so wickedly good...and fresh baked bread for sale...
outside there are blooms for sale, a pig and a couple of baby goats (cute! but where were the chickens?)
and in the evening you can try the 'Potting Shed' on the same grounds...
its all happening in Alexandria...!

* images by me

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  1. Anonymous8:15 PM

    I keep reading about The Grounds - your pictures are telling me to go and check it out! Love the ornamental cabbages and lines of jeans especially - thanks for reviewing for me :)


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