July 29, 2014

its so Pinteresting...

Todays post is so 'Pinteresting'...okay, that's not a real word but 'Pinterest' is my go-to place where I can get lost in visual beauty and not have to deal with anything else.
I needed to surround myself with goodness today, I had a coffee and lovely (comforting) chat with my sister this morning, I even bought myself some fresh flowers during my brief trip to the shops - an instant pick me up, plus they make my house cheerful too.
..I had a difficult meeting with my boss yesterday afternoon that left my soul a little bruised and whilst I not going to wallow in misery about it, (my rebellious streak says 'gahhh screw it!!') instead I did some reflecting - about whats important to me and not just whats expected of me...
le sigh..breath out...tomorrow is another day

What's caught my eye on Pinterest lately...
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  1. Ohh meetings like that are not fun. I hope as I write this a couple of days later all is much better? Pinterest is such a wonderful escape and I wish I had more time to dedicate to it. Big hugs! Mel xx

  2. Thanks Mel - I guess communicating and discussing issues is the only way - sometimes we dont like to hear things but getting feedback and giving feedback is necessary....I try to keep my blog positive but its been on my mind...thats life huh?!


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