September 3, 2014

a simple snack and a lovely book!

Last week I started commuting to work by train - we've relocated to a new location in a swish newly-built office. Its all very very nice!
Taking public transport has been a change for me after battling peak hour traffic in my trusty little car for the past 12 years but so far so Sydney rail delays (yet!)
I have a long ride each day and I've been catching up on my reading,  by that I mean my book reading.
Actually, I'm impressed that there are lots of book lovers out there - people still engrossed in a good read, not wanting their stop to arrive too soon.  Others read on kindles, notebooks, phones and tablets...a good read and a quiet train trip go hand in hand!
I recently finished 'Afternoons In Ithaka' a memoir by Melbournite and Greek Australian,
Spiri Tsintziras - what a lovely book, such an enjoyable read!
...not only could I relate to her stories seeped in custom, traditions, and delicious food but also of the expectations, the pressures and self discovery...a daughter of Immigrants trying to find her way. At the end of each chapter there is an accompanying recipe and I made this simple snack from one of the recipes.
its the Greek version of Bruschetta!!  Delicious!
Ripe Tomato, crumbled Feta cheese, a drizzle of olive oil and sprinkled dried oregano on good quality bread...Enjoy!


  1. Oh commuting. It's got its advantages but it can suck a lot of time from your day. A good book can help chew through that time, or like me podcasts and knitting.

  2. Yes Katie - I was thinking about all the podcasts I've always wanted to hear!? good idea!


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