March 4, 2015

Fresh + fast cookbook

I love a jumble book sale …you can usually find them set up in the middle of shopping centres, mini pop-up book shop and always when you are casually walking by with no intention of buying books.
But they always draw me in as I just never know what l’ll find!
I recently bought this ‘Fresh +Fast' cookbook, part of a series from
Marie Claire magazine and food editor, Michele Cranston - a $10 bargain!!! (hey that’s the price of 2 and half coffees ha-ha…)
Its actually a really lovely book – and at such a cheap price!
over 100 recipes and when you combine an intelligent fashion magazine like Marie Claire and beautiful healthy food styled in a gorgeous way, its pretty inspiring to eat well!

Its not just about food styling though...
for me its more about living and eating nutritious, real food
that seems to improve everything – my mood, my skin, my body!
You are what you eat after all....

We’ve been chatting in the office about motivating and edging each other on to
eat better and move more, sometimes we need that
'cheerleader team' behind us to get us going and keep going.

I think I’ll be opening this book often!


  1. Have you cooked anything out of it yet? Sometimes these books hook me and then when I sit down to cook out of them, ingredients are hard to source, or they never turn out as they look - and the taste - I've had celeb chef books and they recipes are a bit ho hum. My favourites are the tried and tested Margaret Fulton recipes and pretty much anything Women's Weekly and old-school fete and church cook books.

    1. these are basic meals with a focus on Fresh food, lots of salads, grills and vegies. I tried the salt & pepper zuchhini...yum!
      My favourite and go to cookbook is a Family Circle one - Cooking a Commonsense guide, has EVERYTHING in there!!! but yes i hear you about the Celebrity cookbooks...everyone has one out these days!!

  2. Very interesting blog. A lot of blogs I see these days don't really provide anything that attract others, but I'm most definitely interested in this one. Just thought that I would post and let you know.

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