March 31, 2015

This and That - March edition

Can you believe Doris Day turns 91 this week?
Love Doris!  

How are things your way?!
its been one of those weeks for me - flat out busy at work, we are also getting a new fence in our garden and it hasn't stopped raining gah! ...and Im feeling a little exposed out there but hey its great when the boys soccer ball goes into the neighbours garden,  they can just walk over and get it!
We had parent/teacher interviews and our first with a High School(er) so that was um... felt like speed dating! haha...

so its Easter this week and Greek Easter the week after ...double celebrations!
hello food! hello chocolate!
love this collection of
 Classic Easter recipes via Gourmet Traveller

What Ive been reading lately...
I just finished 'Wild: a Journey from Lost to found' a memoir by Cheryl Strayed which was made into a movie recently.  Now that I've read it I'm ready and looking forward to seeing the movie.  It was an awesome book, honest and uplifting and a fascinating read.  I wish Cheryl well!!
I'm now starting 'Gone Girl' and only because I need to read the book before I see the movie...its been highly recommended so looking forward to getting into it!

7vignettes - April starts tomorrow over on Instagram!  I'm going to try and join in, you can follow me on Instagram here

Transitional Clothes - we all need inspiration this time of the year, Autumn for us down under and Spring for the northern hemisphere!

Did you see this super colourful 'Non Traditional' Rock n Roll wedding?  its caused a bit of a stir much that the (creative) Aussie couple made a video to all their haters  clever comeback!

I really enjoyed this post - Give it away, give it away, give it away now 


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  2. Thanks Anastasia, you've got me back on track with my Blogger comments. I hope you and your family had a great Easter despite the rainy weather in Sydney. I always love going to the Easter Show if I'm in Sydney over Easter time.


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