April 21, 2015

a Girl called Kylie....

You meet the loveliest people online and Kylie is one of those people!
Warm, friendly, supportive, I've never met her  but her lovely personality shines through the screen and Im looking forward to sharing a coffee with her one day!
Kylie started 'Pink Paddock Store' ,  last year and her gorgeous paper goods and prints are delightful with beautiful colours, sentimental messages, soft florals, sweet illustrations.
I've watched Kylie grow her paper goods shop, 'Pink Paddock Store' and I'm so proud of her!
I'm thrilled to have Kylie featured on the blog today.

Welcome Kylie!
Can you tell us what is currently Inspiring you?
Hands down…Instagram! Ask my husband and he would say I have a slight addiction, however, I do beg to differ! For me, its one stop Inspo whether its 'whats hot' in fashion and home decor, food and meal ideas or soaking in styling tips from so many talented people out there. I also love the Instagram community who are just so incredibly supportive and that definitely feeds the inspiration factor! Ive met some incredibly talented women who have started their own businesses and are following their passions - that gives me a huge boost!  I also seek inspiration from magazines, favourites being 'Country style', 'Home Beautiful', 'Real Living', 'The Collective'  but these days I don't get much of a chance to sit down and actually read them.  When I was blogging, I used Pinterest quite a bit but I just don't have time anymore (sadly).

What are your plans for Pink Paddock Store in 2015?
I have loads of plans for
'Pink Paddock Store' but keep reminding myself it's all about quality not quantity!
So, small steps and hopefully everything will fall into place.
I started last October with 14 card designs. I currently have about 60 designs not including the gift tags and postcards.
I recently added the Petit range which has been really successful (YAY!!).
Next on my list is to add wrapping paper and notepads.
I'm hoping this will happen within the next 2-3 months. I have a few other products Id love to add before Christmas 2015 if possible - watch this space!! I would love to update my website as well. One big focus for this year was to increase the wholesaling side. Funnily enough when I started I had no intentions of going down this path, but I've been lucky to have made some great relationships with my amazing stockists and really keen to grow this part of the business.
Define your personal style
In a nutshell, I'm a classic kind of girl that loves to dress things up with some colour and texture. I love mixing old with new and walking through homes that tell a story about you and your family, not look like a showroom! I don't like minimal and not a fan of clutter,  although with three small children at home you wouldn't know this - I'm somewhere in between!
I'm no 'fashionista' but prefer wearing comfortable clothing that is classic but I add something on trend. Most days you will find me in jeans (mid waist please!) and a St James Tee with flats or saltwater sandals!
What are your favourite colours?
Oh, a hard one as there are so many gorgeous colours to choose from.
My four favourites would be blue (love indigo! and duck blue), pinks, green and yellow, all in varying shades of course.
I can't resist tangerine. I love that colour can alter your mood and I guess for me I'm drawn to more pastel and natural shades rather then bold colours.
Although, I still like bold colours, just in smaller doses!

Do you have a favourite scent or fragrance? At this time of year (Autumn) in the country, I love the smell of rain on the dry earthy ground. Its the country girl in me and I find it so relaxing and calming. I also love the scent of our old fashioned roses and gardenias…..such a classic and pretty smell.
Describe your 'perfect day'?
Definitely would begin with a sleep in, cuddles with the kids and a coffee in bed... oh, and waking up with an ocean view would be lovely too!
The rest of the day would be spent with the family really, just hanging out and enjoying fun times together and some yummy food. The perfect end to the night would be dinner out with my husband. Quite simple really!

What do you love about your town?
I live in a country town in Northern Victoria. I love the community spirit and having close relationships with so many people. When you live in an area with a small population you can't help but get to know everyone,  its a case of one degree of separation!
When someone needs help, the whole community seems to just pitch in - no questions asked.
The other perks are no peak hour traffic and amazing night skies. I do miss the variety of so many shops and eateries that the city has to offer (even catching a movie at some ungodly hour in a really cool cinema!!), but I guess that helps make a visit to the city such a treat.
There is also no shortage of creative talent out in the bush- how could there not be with so much natural beauty surrounding us!

Do you have a favourite Quote? 
I particularly love this quote below. I can't remember where I found it but it was the final push I needed to start up Pink Paddock Store. It was also the first card I designed, and to this day is definitely one of the most popular ones and very special to me. The last line gives me shivers every time I read it, and I love seeing the reaction on customers faces when they too read it!

 "It's impossible" said Pride,

 "It's risky" said Experience,

 "It's pointless" said Reason, 

"Give It a Try"  whispered the Heart.

(Card and A4 Print both available online!)

Thanks so much Kylie!
To see more of Kylie's gorgeous range of paper goods, head on over to Pink Paddock Store
and Pink Paddock StoreFacebook page for all the latest news and of course Instagram for amazing inspiration and behind the scenes at Pink Paddock Store!


  1. I chuckled when I read Kylie's *explanantion of her favorite colors because that's how I have to describe mine, too. Too many to easily pick just one or a few! I love all of the products I see in the pictures, very pretty. Thanks for featuring Kylie for us! (And I love the quote she chose) :)

    1. so glad you enjoyed the post Brooke! yes, her colours are really beautiful!

  2. I like the earrings matching the cards.

    1. very cute arent they?? thanks for stopping by Kim!


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