April 16, 2015

Low Sugar Lifestyle

The past few weeks I've been off balance and I decided enough is enough - I need to put myself back at the top of my priority list.
 I need to start taking care of my health and the first thing that I need to tackle is what goes in my mouth.  I've fallen off the bandwagon...
lately my day consists of a large coffee (or two ) for breakfast, eating quickly at my desk, grabbing a handful of nuts or maybe some chocolate for a snack...just not paying attention to what I'm eating, no excercise, not much time out.
My digestion is playing havoc and I feel like on a wheel spiraling at a crazy pace - I just want to get off!  My energy levels are at an all time low and its obviously because I'm making some wrong food choices.
My body is craving for me to be mindful of what I eat - enough neglect!
Starting on Monday, I've agreed to join in to do
 'My Family Wellness' 28 day Low Sugar Lifestyle program created by author, health speaker and nutritionist, Michelle.
I need a little structure and guidance, ready to print meal plans and recipes and am looking forward to a healthy change -  I think this will help kick it all off for me!
I will keep you posted how I go!  I think by blogging about it weekly might help me keep on track as I try to create some changes and good habits.
Wish me luck!

Michelle is offering $20 off the next program and a free download of two recipes - take a look!


  1. Good luck!Hope things will get well!AriadnefromGreece!

    1. thanks so much Ariadne - i'm looking forward to it and so is my body!!!

  2. Good Luck! Look forward to the updates! Wish I was brave enough to do this, God knows I need it! LOL

    1. Thanks Maria - Im sure you can! its always good to give our body and digestion a break!


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