May 25, 2015

Life Lately + Happy Mail!

Oh hello blog! Its been a while.
Here I am...back from a little blogging break where I've been trying to catch up with life.
Sadly, I haven’t had much time for blogging.
The past month at work has been quite hectic and it doesn't look to ease up with year end Financials coming up...the long commute everyday doesn't help this tired mumma!

I was pleasantly surprised on Friday when I received a gorgeous parcel from Kylie at Pink Paddock Store
What gorgeous paper goodies!
I love happy mail.
Thanks so much Kylie, it sure made my day.

So...what else has been happening?
I completed the ‘28 day Low Sugar Lifestyle program’ and feel really good about it!
I hope to continue on this good food journey and I must admit I have loads more energy by eating well and consistently (coffee is not food)
I don't think I would have made it through the past month if I wasn't eating right!
I have a ton of recipes from the program and Pinterest is also my go-to for healthy recipes so there is no excuse to not keep going.   Eating well takes time and planning, its the only way!

I’m currently reading ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’…says it all about my life right now.  Slow down…simplify. I enjoyed this post by Pip 'Why slowing down is the new speeding up'  
Why is life so hectic??
I’m also in the mood for a good (Winter) clean-out and decluttering session at home too…

I saw ‘Spandau Ballet’ in concert last Friday night – it almost didn’t happen because silly me had the 19th May diarised as the concert date and not the 15th!!!
Lucky for me I checked my tickets Friday morning!
The concert was brilliant!  I’m a huge fan.

I’m eyeing this online course.   Holly’s e-courses are always inspiring with loads of great tips and information but the fact that Leslie Shewring is also teaching definitely has my interest!
I’m planning a blog redesign! … after so many years I’ve decided to move from blogger to Wordpress.
I’ll be getting some design help from Amanda whose work and creativity I love – I’m excited!
So whats been happening in your world, do share!!

* beautiful paper goods from Pink Paddock Store

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