August 30, 2006

Illustration Friday - Run

Bella the Elephant decided performing at the circus was not her thing

so she decided to run away....

August 28, 2006

Monday Drawing - Smooth

These two things keep my legs nice and smooth.

August 26, 2006

WIP Friday..........

I have lots of spare pillowcases at home as I only use Satin ones to sleep on.
I have super curly hair so cotton pillowcases and curly hair means a messy nest of hair....any curly gal will know what I mean!

I thought Id make a laundry bag for my upcoming trip with one of the pillowcases.
It will be handy to pack my intimates in my suitcase as well so they dont go all over the place - you never know who will open and check your luggage these days.

Some other things to make with spare pillowcases
* Make a little girl's smock dress
* Make a Peg bag for your laundry room
* Use as a slip cover to protect an outfit in your wardrobe
* Store Lettuce in the fridge or store ham at Christmas time

Have a great weekend everyone!!

August 24, 2006

Illustration Friday - Match

This week has not been a good week for drawing!

I just didnt know what to do for this topic - was it a hard one for others too?

but anyway its pretty obvious they are a 'perfect match'!

August 23, 2006

Book Worm.........

I love to read!!
Book stores and Pharmacies - two places I cannot resist when I go shopping and I rarely walk out empty handed.
I sometimes avoid logging into Amazon in fear of ending up with a huge pile in my shopping cart – they do tempt you though ….people who bought this also bought this and then show you 5 gorgeous books you just want/need and have to have!!

What are you reading now??
I think I need a new book to read on my upcoming trip (14 days to go!!) ....Would love to hear of any good ones!!?

Im currently reading ‘Bitter Lemons’ by Laurence Durrell, it’s wonderful so far as Laurence writes about living and building a house in the sweet village of Bellapais, Cyprus, in the early 50’s.
This is extra special for me as beautiful Bellapais nestled in the fragrant hill side is my grandfather's birth village.
The chapter on how he bought the house from the Cobbler’s wife is hilarious and he even mentions a character by the name of Frangos which is my grandfather’s mother’s maiden name so I quickly rang my grandfather to talk to him about the book and he remembers the British author and the house he built on the hill!
Very exciting!!
Im definetley going to explore the village once we get to Cyprus!

Bellapais Abbey (image from
my mother spent her childhood summers in the village where her grandparents lived.

Top image is by Jesse Wilcox Smith

August 22, 2006

garden girl

I finished this piece last night - painted with twinkling H2O's which leave a nice irridescent sheen on the canvas. The image is from Dover Publications and the scroll cut out from an old book.
I was inspired by Monet's garden paintings and so I tried to get bright lush colours - looks more like sea than land LOL
Little Girl Giant comes to life............

Isnt the internet a wonderful place when you cant sleep....??

I found this - watch and be amazed......

August 21, 2006

Monday Drawing - Shoes

a quick sketch today as I have two sick little boys to look after.

these are my house slippers - so comfy!!

August 19, 2006

A piece of Wallpaper + a frame = an Earring holder.......

I recently ordered some Florence Broadhurst samples and with one of the wallpaper piece which had a pretty reflective shine to it, I decided to insert into a decorative frame i had at home. I attached some thin cotton to create a little earring holder for my drop earrings.
I think a plainer frame might have been nicer but I like it

The wallpaper is so pretty!l
next challenge is to make sure Neo doesnt grab it and ruin it in 5 seconds flat!!
WIP Friday........

Im working on some cards for a swap that Clare organised and Ive been thinking of a garden theme so i'll be working on that this weekend.

I also have to finish a piece for an art swap that Melanie has organised.

Last week Kristin shared a project she had been doing for the past 3 years and so this week I had to share mine as its now been over 4years - it looks complete but there are so many little spaces that need filling in! i will get day.

August 18, 2006

TEA CUP Swap..........

I just had to join Beth's 'Tea Cup' swap and look at the beauty I received in the mail the other day!
By swap partner was Kim
and she even made a 'Tea Fairy' ATC for me - beautiful!! Thanks Kim I love everything!
Kim also included some orange tea bags but Australian Customs took that away - thats the second item they have taken away from me, Im sure they just like my pretty things!

August 17, 2006

Illustration Friday - Play

'Tea Party'

I thought of this as my son loves to play with his cousin Styliana and her dolls and girly toys

I recently saw a post where a mother asked if she should buy her son a doll set as he wanted one - she felt confused and then said she'd never have the same dilemma if her daughter wanted a robot.....

I never bring up gender issues, he's not even 4yrs old yet, he doesnt understand...just let them play.....

August 15, 2006

I love..........

Julie's 'I love' list was so inspiring, I had to create one of my own!
Life's simple pleasures......

I love Paper bundles – drawing – tea –embroidery – sweet peas – textured ribbons – honey – toile - Helena Christensen – silence – pens – faded florals – classic books – travel – Doris Day – cinnamon – olives – cook books - figs – cashmere – purple – ballet flats – pearls – cupcakes – postcards - nautical look – Monet - England – journals – secrets – Grandmammas – pink with mint green – storms – YumCha – tins – peonies – beach glass – yoga - baking – laughter – lipgloss – Jasmine – fashion illustration – vintage books – pharmacies – Missoni – vintage wallpaper – handwritten letters – cheese - the late Kevyn Aucoin – flea markets – British Vogue – vintage jewellery – Impressionists - cooking shows - history – cross stitch – lace – Ebay – line drawings - opaque stockings – chrochet - doodling – Ellen Von Unwerth – rain at night – collage - a crowded kitchen – company – pastel plates – cherries - black – miniatures – white Tshirts - paper dolls – Linda Evangelista – A*line skirts – Greek coffee – markers – doll houses - dinner parties - art books – texture & detail – cabbage roses - Blumarine – Paris – tea cups –Bee Gees - peppermint crisp – watercolours –religious icons - shortbread – peep toe shoes – fishnet tights – Dita Von Teese – custard – Oprah - Country Living (the magazines and the idea of it) – 1970’s disco - sea air – Poodles – talk back radio –rainbows - chintz - blogging – fashion TV – Nigella Lawson – handmade Doilies - cafes for cappuccino and reading – Andre Leon Tally’s faxstyle page – Summer hill range by Crabtree&Evelyn – car boot sales – broccoli - black sunglasses – Mario Testino – large tote bags –San Sebastian - botanical illustrations –herb & vegetable gardens - aged paper – rice pudding – brandy sours – the stars on a clear night – weekend get away– greeting cards –fire places - amusement parks and scary rides – fairy floss – professional blowdry – day dreaming – pilates – spices – comedy channel – decorating TV shoes – bookshops – summer dresses – pale nailpolish – little villages – life and living!!!

What are your great loves??

*Image is from another love of mine - Milly Molly Mandy books..........

Project Spectrum Postcard Swap - August

This month the Project Spectrum colour is Black/White/Neutrals
and i finished my card last night. I had some wall textured paper and it just screamed Humpty Dumpty to me so here is my gothic humpty....well if you think about it, it is a pretty gloomy nursery rhyme hehee

Sorry my pic is so dark but it was 6.00am when I took the photo - early morning and late at night - the only time I get things done
im sure any mother would understand!

My card is getting mailed today and heading to Kansas, home of Dorothy and Toto and Laura my swap partner! hope she likes it!
Ive uploaded a scan of it now......

August 14, 2006

Monday Drawing - Bird

Here is my drawing for 'Monday Drawing' which was started by Paula and Julie
A cockatoo which was drawn from a bird coaster set that I have at home.
We get many cockatoos flying around near our house, they are beautiful birds!

I was going to try and draw one of my own birds but I couldnt get a good picture and they get so excited and vocal when you go near.

Anyway I had a lovely drawing session this afternoon.
We've had such beautiful fresh weather lately and its so nice to drink tea and draw outside whilst the boys play nearby.

A good start to the week!

Next week's Monday Drawing word is SHOES
anyone is welcome to join in!

August 13, 2006

Happy 9th Birthday Stephanie!!!

When did you grow up so fast my pretty girl??
Have fun at your party today!

we love you very much

Stephanie at home last week

Stephanie as a little flowergirl at my wedding.

August 12, 2006

WIP Friday

Not much crafting this weekend
but Ive been doing SO much washing today!
The sun is out and Ive given the washing machine a good work out.
I love drying clothes out in the sun - nice and warm.

My parents are off on their 3month overseas trip tonight so we're grabbing something quick to eat and then taking them to the airport later on. I am so excited for them!

Tommorow will be another busy day. My niece Stephanie turns nine!!
so have to help my sister prepare for her birthday lunch (2o adults and 11 kids - crazy fun!)

Neo is really into climbing and standing on everything.
Im always watching him as the other day he stood on his highchair and climbed onto the kitchen bench!
I dont mind him climbing on the coffee table so much as its not too high and gee how many times can you say 'No - dont do that!'
He just giggles and does it again!

EDM Challenge #79 - Draw an Ear

Ear Ear I say!

do they look like ears? its weird to draw just the ear so I had to draw a bit of the jaw line so they look like ears.

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. Epictetus

August 11, 2006

Wouldnt you like her to help with your laundry???

I bet you cant watch this just once - I couldn't!

click here

August 10, 2006

Birdie Num Num....

That always makes me laugh
Have you seen 'The Party' (1968) such a funny funny movie! It stars Peter Sellers and if you havn't seen it, go hire the DVD now!!!

Isn't this bird pendant gorgeous!
I recently saw this on Shae's blog and it came back to mind as I was planning to buy one but never got round to it!

They are made by Brisbane designer Jane, of
'Girls made This ' one of one.
I really like this vintage bird image so waiting to see what other similar pendants Jane is going to make.

In the meantime I found these cuties - I thought they'd be cute for my upcoming trip wearing my summer dresses, flip flops and sipping frappe by the beach! haha!

this one is from Diva $9.95

and this pretty one is from Ebay a win at $6.05!!
bargains or what???

August 9, 2006

Dogs that smell good!

My cousin sent me these pictures via email today - aren't they the most adorable floral arrangements!

sweet smelling puppy dogs!
They'd never pee on the floor!

Illustration Friday - Capture

Mandy couldnt believe how big the spider was! Timmy was a little scared....

and poor spidey, he just wondered how the hell he was gonna get out!

August 8, 2006

Sweet Sweet Jen.......

my blogging friend Jen sent me this gorgeous Birds & Nests rubber stamp set and I was so touched by her sweet kind gift!!!

Thanks so much Jen!
I love it and Im going to have fun creating with these beautiful stamps!!!
You are not only super talented but a real sweetie too!!

August 7, 2006

Monday Drawing - Doll

Julie and Paula have started Monday Drawing and this week's topic is Doll

Here are two of my Russian Nesting dolls or Matryoshka dolls better known as Babushka dolls. They are a symbol of motherhood and fertility.

I love them and have about 5 sets

EDM Challenge #78 - Draw a Souvenir

I drew these Hula Hula dancers - a cute chunky magnet that we have on the fridge.

My mum and dad bought this back along with T-shirts for the boys, kaukai necklaces and even a hula grass skirt for Peter - too cute!

Unfolding Florence..........

and now a film about her extraordinary life!
It was the only Australian film selected for Competition at The 2006 Sundance International Film Festival.
Directed by Gillian Armstrong and out soon!
Should be great to see.

Last week Marianne
had a great tip on her blog about purchasing sample pieces of Florence's fabric and wallpaper so I had to have some!
I ordered 4 pieces at $4.00 each - she said you get about an A4 size sample so not bad considering the retail price tag

These are two of the pieces I ordered - not sure what I'll do with them yet but for now just staring at them will make me happy!

August 5, 2006

A Date with Hugh..........

Today my friend Teresa and I are off to see Hugh Jackman in 'The Boy from Oz'

It should be brilliant and Hugh is so good to look at!

Teresa's boyfriend didnt want to come and Andrew wasnt keen either so its a girly outing so we can swoon and gush all we like!

I actually saw the original production back in 1999 and it was really fantastic, Im sure Hugh will be even better as Peter Allen. I hope we have an upbeat crowd, it is a musical after all - maybe someone will break out into a soul train? Cha cha cha.....

I just had to add that the show was amazing!! AMAZING !!(me jumping up and down) and we couldnt get enough of Hugh who played Peter SO well! When I saw the crowd (approx 7000) a little put off as it felt like I was at a concert and not the theatre but it was such a huge and colourful production and the singing and dancing was so great we didnt want it to end!

When Hugh sang 'I still call Australia Home' I dont think there was a dry eye in the house - you can just see how much that song means to him personally.

He interacted with the crowd so much, ran up and down the aisles, made jokes and even pulled out a girl from the crowd so she can have a sexy dance with him. It was brilliant!!! I could so easily go again!

August 4, 2006

Blind Contour August - Cool

Well its freezing in Sydney so no need to cool down. I pulled out a bag of frozen corn cob from the freezer and a blue jug that we have in the fridge and poured a glass of water.

a little cool set up

Check all the other Cool blind contours at Inkfinger

WIP Friday

A quiet Friday....lots of rain in Sydney today, gray skies and the boys are getting restless
Rain rain go away
come again another day
Little Peter (and Neo) want to play....

This is what im working on this weekend

Im still doing the handmade recipe cards - I will make the deadline Melissa, i will! I will! promise....heehee
almost done!

and Im thinking about the Project Spectrum postcard for August - the colour this month is Neutrals
I dont know who my partner is yet but I really need to get things done as Im off overseas soon....

August 3, 2006

A Weekend Project perhaps???

The super talented Ellia has a tutorial on cut paper Illustration

Have a look here

Im going to give it a go!

Some sketches of Neo........

Work is so busy at the moment and I think I’m coming down with a cold – I’ve got a very scratchy throat, blah!! Not what I need right now!
It doesn’t help that Neo has been waking us up the past two nights crying and not wanting to go back to sleep.

Here is a quick sketch I did of Neo eating.
I made a delicious chicken curry last night which was really yummy – I have leftovers for lunch today!

On the days I work I usually whip up a quick dinner once I get home – stir fry is a favourite or lentils with rice, maybe a frittata with a side salad, something quick and easy but last night I just wanted something warm and comforting – the curry went down well so did the glass or red

August 1, 2006

Illustration friday - Clean

Cute small dogs are not just a fashion statement so put your rubber gloves on honey and Clean up that poo!

'Sucker', yapped Jackie

'Wonderful isnt it' smirked Foxy.....

What European City do you Belong in?

This is what I got.....

You Belong in Milan

Stylish and sophisticated, you want to enjoy a truly European life - away from tourists!
Milan fits you perfectly. Great shopping, high quality food, lots of culture... with very little hype.

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